Confronting the top 10 threats within the church
Wake-up Call for Christians 

The cross of our Lord saved us from sin and hell, and defeated Satan. We know how the story ends in the long run.

In the short run, however, the church in the West is in retreat. Biblical Christianity already has been decimated in Europe, now a spiritual wasteland, and the decline which took centuries in Europe is now taking only years in America. While this decline could be the signs of the times, disciples of Jesus are to press on until the trumpet of God, hence this wake-up call.

While many external threats face the body of Christ in America today, most of them at least have been identified and are being discussed. The aim of this short website is to identify as below and discuss the top 10 internal threats to the church in America that aren't getting as much attention, and reference some other resources that point the church back to our Savior: